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May 18, 2022

Bellevue Rink Replacement Project

As part of our dedication to increase quality of life for our ice skating locations within Beaumont, we will be undertaking a rink replacement for our Bellevue Rink located at Bellevue School, 5103-50 Ave

  • We will be preparing the surrounding community and school for the upcoming construction (scheduled for late spring/early summer). 
  • Construction of the rink base and installation of sod will follow and be completed by fall of this year (2022).
  • We are planning to remove the rink shack to improve the drainage with plans to reinstall the shack once that is completed.
  • The access road and parking lot will be reworked in 2023.

March 17, 2022

Skating Season Officially Closed - 2022

Sadly, due to the warm weather, the outdoor ice skating season is officially closed for 2022. All surfaces are being shutdown immediately, and no skating is permitted. This is due to poor ice quality and hazardous conditions. Thank you for an amazing season, and we look forward to next year!