Affordable Housing Strategy


Affordable housing has one of the most positive and immediate impacts on a community. It is associated with greater household stability and resources that can support good health, better school performance, and employment.  

Additionally, a community with a range of affordable housing options offers residents more opportunities to remain in their neighbourhood of choice as they grow older and their needs change.

Beaumont’s Affordable Housing Strategy aims to provide more housing choices for a diverse range of residents to build a stronger and more prosperous community that benefits everyone.


Beaumont is an inclusive, equitable community offering a diversity of safe, affordable housing options that meet the needs of all residents.


  • Supporting Local Investment: Implement municipal policies, processes, and tools to encourage investment in affordable housing within Beaumont.
  • Building Partnerships: Collaborate with organizations involved in housing provision to develop partnerships and enhance our collective capacity to address the housing challenges in our community.
  • Community Engagement: Increase community support for affordable housing initiatives by fostering a deeper understanding of housing needs, issues, and concerns among all stakeholders.
  • Advocacy: Advocate to senior levels of government for initiatives that help meet our local housing needs and create a positive impact on our community.

Progress and next steps

To ensure transparency and accountability, the City of Beaumont will prepare monitoring reports every two years, with the first report scheduled for publication in 2023. 

As we accomplish specific actions, we remain committed to identifying new opportunities and taking logical next steps to continuously improve and adapt our strategies.

How we got here

In 2021, the city conducted a housing needs assessment to explore opportunities for housing that is affordable to its residents and that serves community members at all stages of life.

This assessment was the first step in developing Beaumont’s Affordable Housing Strategy. It reviewed the applicable legislation, policy, and quantitative data from a range of sources, while also receiving input from a project working group and the wider public. 

Based on this information, the assessment helped identify Beaumont’s affordable housing vision and key issues the strategy will address.


City of Beaumont and partners receive $75,000 to develop affordable housing solution.



Housing Needs Report

Affordable Housing Strategy Report