Even Odd Water Conservation

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May 24, 2018


A water ban is in effect for Beaumont. This means that residents are required to limit the use of residential water to essential uses only.

YES, you can:
Water NEW lawns only
Water flower, trees, shrubs and vegetable gardens
Use commercial car/truck washes.

NO, you cannot:
Water mature lawns
Wash vehicles on residential premises

The spray park will be closed during water bans.

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Latest Update:

May 28, 2018 4:14 PM

The WATER BAN in Beaumont, Alberta has been LIFTED effective immediately. Water reservoir levels have returned to normal.

We thank residents of Beaumont for their cooperation to conserve water during the ban.

We are able to lift the Ban on Non-Essential Water Use, as:
• Our fill rate from the water commission has increased.
• Our water reservoirs have recovered due to reduced consumption by residents over the weekend.

We will resume Even/Odd Water Conservation.

With the ban lifted, residents are still encouraged to follow use water-wise habits and find ways to make water conservation part of their daily lives.