What Will Change Now That the Plan is Approved?
Changes will only begin if the land owners in the DUDCP boundaries initiate redevelopment of their land. The DUDCP lists 26 action items that have been prioritized, and Council will consider each implementation action as they come forward through the budget process:
- Immediate (2015)
- Mid Term (2016-2020)
- Long Term (2021 - future)

Beaumont is growing and the trend is likely to continue. We’ve more than doubled in size in 10 years, and we have to prepare for the future by having design guidelines in place. Like most towns and cities, residents have indicated they want a downtown neighbourhood that is an attractive, pedestrian friendly, mixed-use destination with a variety of social, cultural, commercial and retail opportunities.

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1. Why Did Beaumont Create the Downtown Urban Design Concept Plan (DUDCP)?
2. Will Landowners Be Forced to Move?
3. How Will the Plan Support Businesses?
4. What Will Change Now That the Plan is Approved?
5. Was the Public Consulted on the Plan?
6. Who can I contact for further information?