What if my utility bill is higher than normal?
Beaumont sends out utility bills in
- January
- March
- May
- July
- September
- November

The utility bill covers the previous two month period. For example, your July bill is for water used in May and June. In 2016, May and June had hot, dry periods so you can expect your consumption to be higher. July has been a wet month and if this continues in August, your September bill should show lower consumption. Be sure to compare your current bill to last year’s bill. In most cases the usage will be similar. Consumption is generally much higher in May and June compared to March and April, so it is more accurate to compare the current bill to last year’s bill.

If your bill says you have a constant leak, this means that for at least some days, your meter never stopped running. Normally the meter will stop when everyone is asleep and water is no longer being consumed. To check for a leak, turn off all water sources, take a flashlight and shine it on your meter. If all water is turned off, and the meter is still running, then you have a leak somewhere in your house or on your property.

After following these steps, and if you still believe your utility bill is not accurate, please call us at 780-929-8782.

Find additional tips on reducing consumption on our Reduce Water Consumption page.

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