When will spraying take place?
All work will be conducted by licensed contracted crews.
• We will start the herbicide trimming program beginning in June. We will be treating fence lines and shrub-beds, weather permitting, June 15 through July 15.
• Where required, the turf broadleaf program will begin on school sports fields only when school is out in July and August.
• The fall turf broadleaf program will be begin September 15 and run through October 31, weather permitting.
• All broadleaf treatment locations will have signs posted indicating product used, application rate and date applied.
• Required noxious weed control will be completed throughout the year.

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1. Why is Beaumont spraying to control weeds and Sawfly larvae?
2. Who is doing the spraying?
3. When will spraying take place?
4. How do I know if the products being used are safe to humans and pets?
5. What are we spraying for?
6. Where will the spraying happen?
7. How will I know if spraying is happening in my neighbourhood?
8. What products are being used?
9. What’s the plan for the future?