What’s the plan for the future?
Beaumont has developed an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program which have staff developing a prescriptive method for Beaumont’s green spaces, urban forestry as well as outline when herbicides will be used. Under the IPM program the use of chemical control will only be permitted when other control options have been exhausted or ineffective. It also indicates where spraying cannot occur at any time, such as around playgrounds, or schoolyards.

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1. Why is Beaumont spraying to control weeds and Sawfly larvae?
2. Who is doing the spraying?
3. When will spraying take place?
4. How do I know if the products being used are safe to humans and pets?
5. What are we spraying for?
6. Where will the spraying happen?
7. How will I know if spraying is happening in my neighbourhood?
8. What products are being used?
9. What’s the plan for the future?