Does Beaumont own the buses? Who provides the service?

The three New Flyer Excelsior coaches are owned by Beaumont and are branded Beaumont Transit. Two buses will be in operation at any one time, with the third bus as a backup. The buses will be rotated through the schedule so that all the buses are used equally. The buses will be used by Beaumont Transit exclusively. 

Beaumont has contracted PWTranist Canada to provide the drivers, maintenance and storage of the buses.  After consulting with other regional transit providers, PWT was deemed to be the best option for providing bus service to Beaumont. There are several reasons:

  • Experienced and fully trained drivers and staff.
  • Excellent safety record.
  • Infrastructure for maintaining and storing buses already in place.
  • Same makes of buses so the maintenance will be cost effective.
  • Good integration with the ETS service.

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11. Does Beaumont own the buses? Who provides the service?
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