Why is Beaumont assessing the sustainability of the program?

Beaumont is reviewing its Child Care Services delivery model for a number of reasons.

Beaumont is seeking to answer questions about financial sustainability; options for expansion; and options for partnership in the delivery of child care services in Beaumont. It is also seeking an answer to the question:

“What is the level of support from the citizens of Beaumont for a program which the majority of citizens subsidize through their taxes but from which only a minority can benefit?”

To answer this question, Beaumont is examining all meaningful options including delivering the program in partnership with other providers, expanding the program through partnership(s), options for cost recovery, and for transitioning to other providers entirely.

The primary driver of the program review is to provide certainty to the families and staff of Beaumont in the delivery of child care services.

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2. Why is Beaumont assessing the sustainability of the program?
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