How is Grant Thornton conducting the review?

Grant Thornton conducted an independent review of the current program through a structured analysis consisting of:

  •  Review of the historical documentation surrounding the Child Care Services in Beaumont.
  •  A series of interviews with Beaumont employees directly connected to the delivery of Child Care Services for Beaumont, and senior employees who are key decision-makers with respect to the operations and the future of the Child Care Services.
  • A review engaging the private child care providers in Beaumont.
  •  A tailored jurisdictional scan looking at the limited number of municipally delivered or funded Child Care Services in Alberta. The communities included were Jasper, Drayton Valley, and Pincher Creek.

Grant Thornton will be utilizing a similar structured approach for the second phase of the review. They will be conducting Round Tables, focus groups, surveys, individual interviews, and having conversations with other current and possible future providers of child care services in the Beaumont area.

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1. Beaumont’s history with Child Care Services
2. Why is Beaumont assessing the sustainability of the program?
3. How is Beaumont reviewing the program?
4. Who is Grant Thornton?
5. Why Grant Thornton?
6. What is Grant Thornton assessing?
7. How is Grant Thornton conducting the review?
8. What are the ways forward being considered?
9. Where are we in the process?
10. Hasn’t the decision already been made?
11. When will the public be notified of the findings?
12. Where can the public access information?
13. As a resident and family who currently uses Beaumont’s Child Care Services, how might I be impacted?
14. How can I voice my opinion?