Where are we in the process?
  • In October of 2018, Grant Thornton presented their recommendations (“Phase One”) to Council and the public. Council selected four options for further consideration and reporting (given above under “What ways forward are being considered?”)
  • In December of 2018, Grant Thornton began their research into the four options chosen by Council, and the work of connecting with stakeholders for feedback;
  • The first round of conversations, with the staff of the Child Care program, is scheduled for January 28 and 29. Meetings with other stakeholders are being scheduled and will be announced here.

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1. Beaumont’s history with Child Care Services
2. Why is Beaumont assessing the sustainability of the program?
3. How is Beaumont reviewing the program?
4. Who is Grant Thornton?
5. Why Grant Thornton?
6. What is Grant Thornton assessing?
7. How is Grant Thornton conducting the review?
8. What are the ways forward being considered?
9. Where are we in the process?
10. Hasn’t the decision already been made?
11. When will the public be notified of the findings?
12. Where can the public access information?
13. As a resident and family who currently uses Beaumont’s Child Care Services, how might I be impacted?
14. How can I voice my opinion?