Why do we see coyotes in the city?
  • Coyote populations have increased in urban areas in recent years with individual coyotes showing modifications of typical behaviour in order to take advantage of available food and shelter while generally avoiding people.
  • Many urban areas in Alberta have abundant natural areas and lie immediately adjacent to productive agricultural or other natural landscapes. Additionally, many urban areas contain river valleys that act as natural travel corridors for coyotes and other wildlife species.
  • Coyotes readily access human food sources and these foods may make up to 30 percent of the coyote’s diet. Coyotes typically access human foods at night and in areas with a suitable cover to minimize the risk of encountering people.
  • Some coyotes carry high parasite loads such as infection from sarcoptic mange and these individuals are more likely to utilize urban areas and consume human foods, risking human encounters in order to use less energy to forage and find shelter.


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