How can I reduce the chances of coyotes returning to my neighbourhood?
  • If a coyote is returning to your neighbourhood, it is because shelter or easy meals are available there. Speak with your neighbours about prevention actions and work together to reduce attractants.
  • Never feed coyotes. Feeding coyotes inevitably leads to unsafe situations that result in human injury or the death of the animal.
  • Never unintentionally feed coyotes. Pet food, garbage and fruit fallen from trees might also be available. Reduce your chances of attracting coyotes by removing these items from your yard.
  • Remove low branches on trees that can provide hiding places for coyotes or attract small animals, particularly near children's play areas.
  • Keep a clean backyard by removing seeds, meat, suet for birds and fallen fruit. These attract mice and squirrels, which are prey for coyotes.
  • Install motion-activated lights in your yard.
  • Keep your cats indoors and don’t let your dog play outside unsupervised.
  • Always be sure to clean up dog feces as it attracts coyotes.
  • Use a durable wire mesh to close off spaces under decks, patios and outbuildings. Keep all spaces that may be used as a shelter closed off and inaccessible to coyotes.
  • Make sure your fence is in good repair. Holes in fences may attract curious coyotes into your backyard.
  • Take your garbage out only on the morning of collection.
  • Talk to your neighbours about following the same preventative measures.


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