Community Representatives (Team Refresh)

We offer special thanks and recognition to the community members who have served their expertise and input on the Team Refresh Panel, all of whom played an integral role in the development and implementation of the new brand:

Curtis Haley, Director of ATB entrepreneur Centre YEG and President of Beaumont Chamber

Jared James, Youth of the year 2017

Rebecca Munchrath, Youth of the year 2018

Steve Rumley, Former VP at EIA and Beaumont resident

Sylvia Cheverie, Beaumont resident and family been here for over 100 years

Vicki Walker, Beaumont resident and representing seniors’ demography

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1. What is a brand?
2. Why is Beaumont branding now?
3. How much has the project refresh cost?
4. When will a new brand launch?
5. How can I request the new brand and logo guidelines?
6. Community Representatives (Team Refresh)