How does this pilot project benefit the City of Beaumont and its residents?

This pilot project benefits our community in many ways that cannot be quantified in numbers and statistics. We’re showing everyone that we’re not afraid to be at the forefront of urban progress by attracting initiatives such as this project because our City has demonstrated that we are an optimal backdrop for learning, discovery and economic growth and diversification. We’re redefining what a city can be.

We are bringing in new innovative projects, so businesses and industry view Beaumont as open for business. This first of its kind project in Canada also raises Beaumont’s profile regionally and nationally as a community open to commercialization testing of new technologies and a city that embraces new technologies. The ELA Project will also bring visitors and interested groups to our community over the term of this pilot.

Part of our future vision is to become a community of choice for livability and economic innovation. By being the first city in Canada to pilot this technology for this length of duration in mixed traffic use gives us first access to learning, testing and applying cutting edge new ideas and technologies that have real potential to impact on how we plan and develop our municipality into the future and understand how this quickly evolving technology could one day support our transportation system.

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1. What is the Autonomous Shuttle Pilot Project in Beaumont?
2. Why is the City of Beaumont interested in electric autonomous vehicle technology?
3. Why was the City of Beaumont interested in this autonomous shuttle pilot project?
4. But there have been other ELA deployments in Canada. What makes the deployment in Beaumont a first in Canada?
5. Will our residential property taxes increase due to this pilot project?
6. Is there a possibility of ELA becoming a permanent public transportation option in Beaumont?
7. How does this pilot project benefit the City of Beaumont and its residents?
8. Are there other benefits this pilot project provides to the region and beyond?
9. Was there a cost to the City of Beaumont for this pilot project?
10. Why was public engagement not conducted before this pilot project was approved by the Council?
11. What happens after the six-month pilot project?