Was there a cost to the City of Beaumont for this pilot project?

The City of Beaumont’s contribution to this partnership with Pacific Western Transportation (PWT) is $200K from reserve funds allocated under the Mill Rate Stabilization Fund as approved by Council for strategic economic development investment initiatives. The pilot project also involves a number of organizations contributing to this exciting project in both in-kind and dollar contributions. It is a great opportunity for forward-thinking companies to participate because of the national interest and visibility of this pilot project.

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1. What is the Autonomous Shuttle Pilot Project in Beaumont?
2. Why is the City of Beaumont interested in electric autonomous vehicle technology?
3. Why was the City of Beaumont interested in this autonomous shuttle pilot project?
4. But there have been other ELA deployments in Canada. What makes the deployment in Beaumont a first in Canada?
5. Will our residential property taxes increase due to this pilot project?
6. Is there a possibility of ELA becoming a permanent public transportation option in Beaumont?
7. How does this pilot project benefit the City of Beaumont and its residents?
8. Are there other benefits this pilot project provides to the region and beyond?
9. Was there a cost to the City of Beaumont for this pilot project?
10. Why was public engagement not conducted before this pilot project was approved by the Council?
11. What happens after the six-month pilot project?