Why is the City doing this?

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many Beaumont homeowners and businesses may need extra time to pay their bills. The City put this measure in place to give homeowners and businesses some flexibility to manage their household or business finances.

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1. What is utility bill deferral?
2. Why is the City doing this?
3. Will I incur interest or penalty charges for delaying bill payment until September 30?
4. Should I delay paying my utility bill?
5. I am set up for automatic withdrawal for utility bills. Will the city still be taking these payments?
6. I am not set up for automatic withdrawal. Do I need to contact the City to defer?
7. I may have trouble paying these bills by September 30. Are there more options available?
8. Will the City transfer my outstanding utility bills to my property taxes if I choose to delay payment to September 30?