How was Ruisseau selected as the francophone school site?

On November 1, 2019, the Government of Alberta announced plans to construct a new K-12 francophone school in Beaumont. Funding for the school’s construction was confirmed by the province in April 2020. Following the initial announcement, the City of Beaumont was responsible for identifying and acquiring a site that meets the needs of the school board and could be ready for construction by fall 2020.

Administration reviewed a number of potential sites throughout Beaumont and determined that Ruisseau was the only viable location that could be made available within the required time period that did not require significant and adverse financial contributions from the City for servicing and road access. The Ruisseau site was presented to Council and approval was granted to begin discussions with the landowner for acquisition.

The City strives to carry out public engagement so residents can contribute to decision making for City policies, programs, projects and services. As there were no alternative site options that could be considered, the City did not seek feedback from the public for the school site selection process. The City is providing information to assist residents with understanding the decision-making process and ultimate solution.

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1. How was Ruisseau selected as the francophone school site?
2. What will be the impact of the school on nearby residents?
3. Why does the Ruisseau Outline Plan describe this site as a park?
4. What new land use districts are proposed for the Ruisseau neighbourhood, and why?
5. The Redistricting Map shows a large yellow area behind my house and identifies it as a neighbourhood. I thought it was going to be a linear park around the Leblanc Canal. Can you explain?
6. Will concerns about the selection of this school site be addressed as part of the redistricting?
7. What are the next steps?
8. Where can I find a detailed site plan for the school building and yard?
9. Where can I get more information?