What has been approved as part of the East Pine Multi-Family development permit?

Development permit 2021-338 is for multi-attached dwellings has been approved. The development permit includes 42 townhouses and one apartment building, for a total of 85 units. The development permit also includes landscaping, an amenity area (with a playground), parking and fencing. In addition, a variance was approved to increase the maximum allowable side yard setbacks, sitting the buildings further away from existing residents.

A variance is a change to a standard that is stated in the Beaumont Land Use Bylaw – Our Zoning Blueprint, that is authorized by the Development Authority. A setback is the minimum distance between the foundation wall of a building or structure and property line.

Multi-attached dwellings (such as townhomes and apartments) are allowed within Beaumont in the Integrated Neighbourhood District, which is a land use where the general intent of the district is to provide for a variety of housing options. 

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1. What has been approved as part of the East Pine Multi-Family development permit?
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