How are decisions on development permits made?

When an application for a proposed development is submitted, the Development Authority (in this case, the Development Officer) reviews and considers if the application is consistent with the Beaumont Urban Design Guidelines and Our Zoning Blueprint: Beaumont Land Use Bylaw. To ensure that the application meets City standards, the Development Authority may request revisions from the builder until the site plan is considered satisfactory. If the application’s use is permitted and all Land Use Bylaw requirements are met, then the Development Authority must approve the proposal.

The applicant may request a variance from the requirements in the Land Use Bylaw. Variances are only approved if:

  • the situation of the land causes practical difficulties regarding private use;
  • the development is consistent with the surrounding character; and
  • the impact to surrounding landowners is minimal.

Development permit decisions are made by the Development Authority. Approved development permits may or may not include conditions that must be met to develop the site.

The East Pine Multi-Family development is a permitted use in the Integrated Neighbourhood District with a variance to allow Building 1 to exceed the maximum 4 metre side yard setback by 5.3 metres on the east side, and for Building 9 to exceed the maximum 4 metre side yard setback by 5.9 metres on the east side, sitting the buildings further away from the existing residential properties. You may view the drawings here.  

The application was approved with 18 conditions and circulated to adjacent landowners.

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