Why an Age-Friendly Strategy?

As global life expectancies increase, the share of the world’s population aged 65 years and older is growing faster than any other age group. In 2016, the number of seniors in Canada exceeded the number of children aged 0-14 years for the first time. This trend is holding true in Beaumont, where the number of seniors is growing faster than other age groups.

The Age-Friendly Strategy was developed to respond proactively to this demographic change. It identifed needs in Beaumont related to age-friendly facilities and services, recommended actions that the City and its partners can take to address them, and set out a plan for implementing those actions. In doing so, the Age-Friendly Strategy will help implement policy direction in the Municipal Development Plan to ensure housing, public spaces, transportation, social and recreation programs and other services meet residents’ needs at all stages of life.

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1. Why an Age-Friendly Strategy?
2. What does “aging in place” mean? What is an “age-friendly community”?
3. What are the benefits of an age-friendly strategy?
4. How was the strategy developed?