How was the strategy developed?

The process began in summer 2020, and the strategy was completed in summer 2021.

The strategy is based on a framework developed by the World Health Organization and endorsed by the Public Health Agency of Canada and Alberta Health. This framework considers both physical infrastructure (such as public spaces, buildings, transportation and housing) and community programs and attributes (such as social inclusion, civic participation, communication, and health services).

The Age-Friendly Strategy project was guided by a working group made up of local service providers and seniors. It also included two rounds of public engagement to learn about Beaumont's age-friendly needs and gather feedback on the draft strategy. 

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1. Why an Age-Friendly Strategy?
2. What does “aging in place” mean? What is an “age-friendly community”?
3. What are the benefits of an age-friendly strategy?
4. How was the strategy developed?