What is the Beaumont Transit schedule?

Beaumont’s commuter transit service operates at peak morning and afternoon times from the Ken Nichol Regional Recreation Centre (KNRRC) in Beaumont to Century Park LRT station, and back. The schedule is online at www.beaumont.ab.ca/transit.

Beaumont and ETS use Transit App. For real time updates, schedules, and to plan trips across the region, download Transit App today (available for Apple and Android operating systems).

Depart KNRRC Beaumont

Arrive Century Park LRT

6:00 AM

6:23 AM

6:30 AM

6:53 AM

7:00 AM

7:23 AM

7:30 AM

7: 53 AM

Depart Century Park LRT

Arrive KNRRC Beaumont

03:30 PM

03:55 PM

04:00 PM

04:25 PM

04:30 PM

04:55 PM

05:00 PM

05:25 PM

05:30 PM

05:55 PM

06:00 PM

06:25 PM

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1. What is the Beaumont Transit schedule?
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