What happens to my membership or punch pass?

We understand many users and members will be impacted during construction in various ways. We have created a few options for our members that allows fitness users options/refunds to use a facility elsewhere and aquatic users to continue using their membership at the pool if they choose. Please visit guest services desk at the Beaumont Sports and Recreation Centre for more information or view options at www.letstalkbeaumont.ca

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1. What is this project all about?
2. How does this project effect the fitness centre and fitness classes?
3. Are there still fitness classes running at the centre?
4. Where will the fitness classes be located starting in January 2019?
5. When will classes start in the New Year?
6. What programs will be offered at the Beaumont Community Centre?
7. Do I need a membership to attend the classes?
8. How much do the fitness classes cost if I don’t have a membership?
9. What payment type can I use at the Beaumont Community Centre?
10. How do I get a membership?
11. Can I use the membership at the pool and for fitness classes?
12. Is there registered fitness classes that I can register for to ensure I reserve a space?
13. Can I pre-book for a space in the drop in classes?
14. Is there any gym equipment I can use at the Beaumont Community Centre?
15. Are there change rooms at the Beaumont Community Cente?
16. What happens to my membership or punch pass?