What are the next steps?

The Ruisseau redistricting application was circulated to regulatory agencies and nearby landowners for information and comments from May 29 to June 19, 2020. The final redistricting proposal will be presented to Council for approval by bylaw. As part of this process, members of the public will have the opportunity to speak to Council at an online public hearing scheduled for July 14, 2020. Please view the Notice of Public Hearing for details on how to attend and participate.

Once the redistricting is approved by Council, the school/park site may be subdivided from the larger parcel.  The City must also issue a development permit before the construction of the school building can begin.

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1. How was Ruisseau selected as the francophone school site?
2. What will be the impact of the school on nearby residents?
3. Why does the Ruisseau Outline Plan describe this site as a park?
4. What new land use districts are proposed for the Ruisseau neighbourhood, and why?
5. The Redistricting Map shows a large yellow area behind my house and identifies it as a neighbourhood. I thought it was going to be a linear park around the Leblanc Canal. Can you explain?
6. Will concerns about the selection of this school site be addressed as part of the redistricting?
7. What are the next steps?
8. Where can I find a detailed site plan for the school building and yard?
9. Where can I get more information?