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1. Who owns the carts?
2. Why has there been a delay?
3. What do I need to do?
4. What about my waste collection service? Will there be any disruptions?
5. When will my carts be replaced?
6. Where can I get more information?
7. Why did we change waste service providers?
8. What about the waste app? Will it be used to provide updates?
9. How do you plan to inform residents about the changeover?
10. Are the new carts the same size as the old carts?
11. I’ll be away when the carts are replaced. What should I do?
12. I have a second waste cart. Will my second waste cart be replaced at the same time?
13. What about the mini organic compost that we received originally in 2009-10 for kitchen?
14. How much will the cart replacement cost? Will my utility bill increase?
15. Why does Beaumont collect garbage every second week instead of weekly?