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1. What does “mixed traffic use” mean?
2. Who selected the pilot project route for Beaumont?
3. How was the route chosen for the ELA Pilot Project?
4. Were impacts to school and daycare bus routes and schedules taken into consideration when the route was chosen?
5. ELA’s shuttle schedule for public riders is Wednesday through Sunday (5 days a week); why can’t vehicles drive in her lane when she is not on the road?
6. But how can the pilot project say that ELA is integrated into mixed traffic if she operates in her own lane?
7. Can the autonomous shuttle operate between the Ken Nichol Recreation Centre and Centre Communautaire Beaumont Community Centre (CCBCC) or ring road around Beaumont?
8. What does a ‘live testing environment’ mean?
9. What consideration is being given to the busy event and sports season?
10. Were considerations made with respect to the seemingly increase in vehicular emissions from traffic congestion?