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1. Where is parking available?
2. How long will 50 St be closed for?
3. Will the busing be free? (From pick-up locations)
4. Is there a cost to the events?
5. What time does the midway start and end?
6. What is the cost of wristbands or tickets for midway?
7. Can you purchase midway tickets in advance (family passes available)?
8. Will Ambulance, Fire or the Police be delayed in anyway during these events?
9. Will the Ambulance, Fire and Police Department be attending these events?
10. I am attending an event in the evening on Friday and again on Saturday afternoon, is parking still available?
11. Can I bring a stroller on the event shuttle bus?
12. Will there be a shuttle all weekend?
13. What is the parade route for Town and Country Daze on Saturday?
14. What is the City Celebration event all about and is the parade a part of it?
15. When does the event start?
16. Will there be guest services facilities (restrooms)?
17. Can I bring a stroller/wagon (to the event)?
18. Can my pets be part of the festivities?