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1. Does the bylaw apply to churches and other places of worship? Is the pastor, leader or other speaker required to wear a mask when speaking?
2. Is it constitutional to make face coverings mandatory in public places, including private businesses?
3. Public health is a provincial responsibility. Why is the city making face coverings mandatory to wear in business places?
4. Am I required to wear a face covering if I have a medical condition or disability?
5. Will I be required to disclose my medical condition if I can’t wear a face covering?
6. As a business owner, am I expected to enforce the bylaw if one of my customers refuses to wear a face covering?
7. Why does the bylaw exempt city staff from wearing face coverings at work?
8. Why are people not required to wear a face covering when they are participating in physical or fitness activity?
9. Does the face covering requirement apply to child minding services, such as those offered by churches, community organizations, and recreation centres in Beaumont?
10. I’m not sure whether the face covering bylaw applies in my circumstances. What is considered a public premises in the bylaw?