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1. What types of outdoor skating rinks does Beaumont have?
2. Where are the outdoor skating rinks located in Beaumont?
3. How often are the outdoor skating rinks maintained and resurfaced?
4. What measures are in place to ensure the ice is safe and well-maintained?
5. Are there staff members on-site to address any issues or concerns?
6. What measures are in place to try and preserve the ice during warmer periods?
7. What are the specific criteria for deciding whether to open or close the outdoor skating rinks due to warm weather?
8. Are there any closures or precautions taken during extreme weather conditions?
9. Are there alternative winter activities or events planned for residents if the outdoor skating rinks are closed or limited?
10. What time of day do the teams maintain ice rink surfaces?
11. How will the City communicate changes in the status of the outdoor rinks to residents?
12. When are the lights on for outdoor skating rinks?